How are mice getting inside my home?

It only takes ¼ of an inch for mice to squeeze into your home. They will squeeze and flatten themselves out to make it inside an opening that small.  The most common access points are your plumbing penetrations or electrical conduits around your home.  Garage doors that do not close all the way or that have weather stripping missing are also other avenues that mice use to gain access. A good rule of thumb is that when you are inside your garage and the door is closed, if you can see daylight coming in around the bottom of the door, that is all mice need. As part of our initial treatment of your home for mice, our technician will also complete a thorough inspection both inside and outside of the home to see how the mice are getting in.  Any small avenues that we can correct or repair for you by using steel wool or silicone, our technician will do that, but other larger avenues or construction deficiencies, our technician will point those out and make recommendations to have them repaired.


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