I just signed up for one of your maintenance agreements, how will I know when it is time for my next scheduled appointment?

We take all that pressure away. Once you have signed up for one of our maintenance programs, our office will grid your home based on your service area and zip code.  This means that you will have a regularly scheduled service day based on the service frequency that you enrolled in.  For example, if you were a monthly customer and your service day was the 2nd Tuesday of each month, you could go out and mark your calendar for the 2nd Tuesday of each month and that is when you would expect to see us again.  The same goes for our quarterly customers, in that if they are on the schedule for the 3rd Wednesday, they would just mark the 3rd Wednesday based on their quarterly schedule (i.e.: 3rd Wednesday in February, May, August, and November).  The only time that your scheduled service would change would be if your normally scheduled service day were to fall on a holiday, or if your service area and zip code changed and you are assigned to a new technician.  With new accounts and customers being added daily, we analyze and optimize our technician’s routes on a quarterly basis to keep their schedules balanced, so your service day/schedule may change from time to time as we tighten up and re-zone our customers.


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