Do you spray the whole house (wall to wall and floor to ceiling)?

We will focus on those areas where pest pressure is going to be at its highest, around your windows and door thresholds, garage areas, window wells, and around the exterior perimeter of your home.  Your home is our main area of concern and your biggest asset to protect. The best method of prevention is to have a solid exterior program in place as your first line of defense to keep them from entering inside your home.  Should you need treatment on the inside of the home, our technicians will treat along the baseboards, up in corners of ceilings, and ground level floors first and then work our way up if you would like treatment on the upper levels of the home.  Remember that most insects are crawling insects and will start from the ground and work their way up, so if you have the first line of defense along the perimeter you will stop most infestations head on before they enter your home.  If a basement exists, then that area will also be covered and treated as well.  Crawlspaces can be treated at an additional charge.


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