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How to Keep Your College Dorm Bed Bug Free

Books, Bunks & Bed Bugs – How to Keep Your College Dorm Bed Bug Free

Reports of bed bug infestations have seen significant rise in recent years. Increases in travel are spreading infestations near and far. You do not have to travel however to introduce an infestation of bed bugs. Being vigilant is key in reducing risk of infestation. Bed bugs are crack and crevice type creatures. They like small spaces close to their host whenever possible. First instar nymphs can be as small as the tip of a pen while adults are roughly the size of an apple seed. A common misconception with bed bugs is that they are only found in beds. They can be found in all types of furnishings, so inspect everything thorough using a flashlight.

Fully inspect suitcases and other belongings prior to packing to return to campus. This is especially important if you have traveled during the summer. Wash all clothing before packing and make sure that all personal items are clean and inspected.

College students can be especially susceptible to introducing bed bugs. Secondhand items including furniture can be just as likely to introduce bed bugs and should be thoroughly inspected prior to purchase and again before introducing the item into your home/dorm. Furnishings that are low cost or free can be highly appealing and end up costing far more if they result in a bed bug infestation.

Prior to unpacking in a dorm room, it is recommended that the room is carefully inspected for any signs of pest infestations. If the room is furnished with a bed and/or mattress, thoroughly check along seams for signs of fecal staining, live activity or cast skins.

In the event that an infestation is discovered at any point, make sure to notify proper facilities management/maintenance. Infestations addressed quickly are less likely to spread to other dorm rooms/apartments. Working with a pest control professional it is possible to control/eliminate bed bug infestations. It is extremely important to follow any requested preparation and follow up treatment schedules in order to eradicate the infestation.